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Ford Finance Lease is a fixed rental lease. You dispose of the vehicle at the end of the agreement and receive any sales proceeds.

A Balloon option is also available.

Vehicle Eligibility

New Commercial Vehicles for Business users only.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimal capital outlay – typically three monthly rentals
  • Fixed rentals to assist cash-flow and budgeting
  • Tax and VAT advantages may be availableTooltip
  • Additional line of credit for your business
  • Reduce your monthly rentals by choosing the Ford Finance Lease with Balloon option
  • No excess mileage or wear and tear costs
  • Includes Ford Fleet Accident Management which reduces the time that vehicles are off the road. For more details visit Accident Management

How It Works

Your fixed monthly rental will depend on the following:

  • Agreement length – choose from 24 to 60 month terms
  • The amount of the advance rental 
  • The Ford vehicle you want to drive
  • If you have chosen Finance Lease with Balloon option your monthly rental will be lower.

At The End

At the end of the agreement, you are responsible for selling the vehicle on behalf of Ford Lease by choosing one of the following options:

  • Sell the vehicle on behalf of Ford Lease to a third party
  • Agree a part exchange price with your Ford Dealer and the Dealer purchases the vehicle from Ford Lease.

Get a Quote

To get a monthly payment quote and apply online, you will need to select and configure the vehicle of your choice.

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